Questions You May Have

Why Does Füm Work?

Physiology shows stopping a bad habit cold turkey is very hard on your brain. Füm works because it talks directly to your brain by replacing your hand-to-mouth fixation, calming nervous tension through fidgeting, and distracting you from your bad habit with delicious flavor.

How Long Do Cores Last?

1 Core lasts you 2-3 days of repeated use. Each Journey Pack comes with 3 Core packs (9 Cores in total) which is enough to last you up to approximately 1 month.

How Often Can I Use Füm?

As often as you like. Please Note: if Füm is negatively affecting you please stop and contact your physician.

Is Füm Safe?

Yes, multiple 3rd party toxicology reports & studies have been done on the inhalation and digestion of the plant compounds we use in our Cores, and we commited to always be funding more. View Here

What Are Cores Made Of?

Each Core fiber is medical grade polyester, infused in the fiber is our unique plant blend of pure essential oils from amazing farms around the world.